Trout Montana is located in Cascade, Montana, population 707.  SAA-LUTE!  Unlike Kornfield Kounty and most areas on the Missouri River, however, Trout Montana has 4G wireless service and super fast fiber optic internet access.

Down the street, the Sportsman’s, Angus and Driftwood all serve food and have an excellent selection of your favorite spirits.  Tom’s Market is right next door, where you can get your provisions during your stay.  Tom’s is a full service grocery store, selling beer, ice, and gas for your day on the river.  Cascade also boasts a bank, post office, library, mechanic shop, a couple of retail stores, and all the services you expect in a rural Montana town.  Trout Montana even has a laundromat and car wash. 

Great Falls International Airport is only 20 miles from town.  Direct flights reach us in short order from Minneapolis, Seattle, Salt Lake City and Denver.

Everything, including some good fishing, is within easy walking distance of our fly shop and motel.


Finally.  A traditional fly shop that actually sells flies and all the materials and equipment to build them.  We carry all the stuff.  If we don’t use it ourselves, you won’t find it in the shop.  Over the years we have tested a lot of stuff.  Some of it good, some of it not so much.  But the great tools for fishing, are here in our shop.

Patagonia, Free Fly, Ouray, Imperial Hats, Buff, Columbia and Darn Tough socks fill our apparel lines.  You will find cold, hot, warm and rainy weather clothing and equipment. 

We are also the only place on the Missouri where you can get the new fly rods from Douglas Outdoors.   The Douglas DXF 5 weight is sweet.  Come in and take one for a test drive on the lawn.  We would be lying if we didn’t admit to owning 30 Winstons apiece.  So, of course we sell ‘em.  TFO and Hardy rods also grace our rack.

Hatch, Abel, Hardy and Lamson reels are in our displays.  Drag overkill?  Maybe, but who doesn’t want the peace of mind of just knowin’ its there when you need it?  

Dr. Slick, Loon, C&F Design, Fishpond, Frog Fanny, FlyAgra, Renzetti and Griffin tools and baubles are available.

Uni, Ultra Wire, Danville and Ultra Thread fill out our thread and wire selections.

Costa and Fisherman Eyewear sunglasses are found here, so you can find them (fish that is).  For the less than visually acute in the near distance (we feel your pain), we have Clic readers, Hat Eyes and VisorMags.

Spirit River beads and cones, for those “weighty” problems.  Fish Skull streamer heads are the new hot thing.

Daiichi, Dai Riki, Tiemco, Mustad and Gamakatsu hooks provide a selection for even the most persnickety fly tier.

Scientific Anglers, Airflo and Teeny lines hang on the wall.  Yeah, we have the newest and greatest.  Call us to spool you up with a new Sharkwave line.  Trout Hunter, Maxima, Scientific Anglers and Airflo leaders and tippet are ready for your day (4.5X?  Really?  That’s what we thought . . . until we tried it.  Pretty cool.).

Flies?  We got a lot of ‘em.  2,400 fly bins grace the center of our store.  We hand select flies specifically for the Missouri and surrounding waters.  You won’t find flies from the hardware store.  We have the most comprehensive Missouri River specific flies you will find anywhere. 

Yellowstone Fly Goods, Montana Fly Company, Solitude Flies, and Umpqua Feather Merchants tie commercial patterns for us.  We also have a variety of local tiers that spin up bugs just for us.  The secret and hot flies?  Of course we have them. 

Bloom’s anything?  Yeah, we carry them all.  We better, Dave Bloom meets his clients in our shop every morning.  And, if you find anyone as observant and knowledgeable on the Missouri as Dave, please let us know.  We gotta get ‘em in here.

Adipose boats, outfitted with Sawyer oars are ready for rent and sale.  Like we said, if we use it, we have it.  We had one of the first Adipose Flows.  They are the Maserati of boats.  Sometimes the fish just don’t have a chance.  Anchor up on a pod, and see how close you can fish (just sit down please).

Fishpond and Blue Ribbon nets are here.  Come see the new composite handled Fishpond net.  It is nearly indestructible.

Patagonia, Fishpond and Dan Bailey bags and luggage to carry all that precious cargo are available.

C&F Design and Wheatley fly boxes.  Why not have the best?

Trout Hunter, Whiting Farms, Hareline, Nature’s Spirit, Wapsi, Rainy’s, Puglisi, Montana Fly Company, and Spirit River materials stuff an entire wall in the shop.  If we don’t have it, we can get it in a hurry.  We hope the fly tying world will come to see us.  We tie ourselves.  We know what it is like to need that special material, and find the “fly shop” doesn’t have any materials to create them.

Tie flies yourself?  Do you come up with your own unique patterns?  Bring your favorites in.  We will look at them, and if we think they will work, we will talk to our commercial suppliers and see if they will tie them.  We will even broker a commission for you if they are commercially viable.


With our new Denver Mattress hospitality beds, fresh Montana air and, when it’s a little crispy outside, air conditioning in each room, you will sleep like a baby.

Each motel room has its own private bath.  No walking down the hall with your robe and having the door lock behind you with no key.  New 40” flat screens with cable television are in each room too.

Five rooms have two queens.  One has a queen and a twin XL.  One has two twin XL beds. 

We even have an apartment across the street available for multiple night rentals.  “The Bungalow”, has a private bath, 50” flat screen, a full kitchen with dishwasher, all the cooking gear, a barbeque grill outside, picnic table under a nice shade tree, living room, and two bedrooms with three twin XL beds.  A perfect longer term get away for 3 people.


Our laundromat is conveniently located across the street from the fly shop and motel. We have eight coin operated washing machines, four large capacity dryers and one “Big Wally”, for washing those big bulky items. There is plenty of counter space to fold your laundry. No need to bring clothes for every day of your multi-day trip. Just stop by the Trout Montana Laundromat.


Just around the corner from the fly shop and motel is our car wash.  It has a coin operated vacuum and single bay wash facility.  A perfect place to clean your drift boat and vehicle after a long day on the river.  Remember the reference to buggy windshields?  Well you can get rid of them here.