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Happy Father's Day!  Mike and I got the opportunity to go on our annual Solstice float with our good friends Kevin Devine and Kelly Oikawa.  Caddis, PMD's and Brown Drakes were the flies du jour.  Bugs are prolific.  Check out the license plate on my Suburban. 

Its all fun, but the Brown Drakes are extra fun.  You likely won't see 'em, except on the lower river (they're mud burrowers, ya know).  Also not likely to see them until O Dark Thirty (unless it's cloudy).  Starting about 8:30 p.m. until dark.  That's when the heftiest of brown trout come out to play.  Go big on your fly patterns.  Really big.  Like size 12 or even 10. 

PMDs start about 2 p.m. and Caddis are pretty much an all day affair.  It truly does not get much better.  Come by the shop and we'll help you with your fly selections.  Come early if you like, but we really recommend staying late.

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